Hello! My name is Anthony.

I am currently a master’s student in computer science in Montreal, Canada. At McGill University and the Mila Institute. Previously, I completed my undergraduate also at McGill, majoring in Neuroscience.

This website is a sort of a variety pack of my professional and personal interests. I have pursued a few paths over the past few years: neuroscientist, software engineer, data scientist, and machine learning researcher. Please be patient with me as I figure out my professional identity :)

I have organized this website depending on what you would like to find out.

The Research page will give an overview of my research interest and works.

My LinkedIn will give you a good overview of the experiences I have, from school, in tech and in research.

My GitHub will contain all of the tech-related (and some research-related) projects I have done, and fun personal ones!

I also have a Twitter, which I use mostly to keep up to date with the scientific circle.

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