Anthony Chen

Anthony Chen

Graduate student in artificial intelligence. I like computers, brains and coffee.

Research in Reinforcement Learning

Presently, I am a master’s student in Computer Science at McGill and Mila, co-supervised by Dr. Blake Richards and Dr. Joelle Pineau. Principally, I am interested in the area of machine learning known as reinforcement learning. As I’ve spent most of my undergrad studying Neuroscience, I also have an interest in brain-inspired artificial intelligence.

Throughout my undergrad, I have had the fortune to work with a number of researchers: Dr. Yannis Trakadis in psychiatric genomics, Dr. Mallar Chakravarty in computational neuroscience and neuroimaging, and Prof. Karl Friston in theoretical neuroscience. These experiences have given me an appreciation for the wide variety of perspectives in the biological and neural-sciences.


Published work can be found on my Google Scholar.

Other works

Sept. 2019: I won 2nd prize in the Brain@McGill Prize for Undergraduate Research, for my research on modelling Cognitive Decline Trajectories in Alzheimer’s disease (short essay on the findings), with an invited presentation given at the McGill IPN retreat.

May 2019: I worked on a theoretical neuroscience project modelling habit formation from a Bayesian perspective (bioRxiv preprint).

Aug. 2017: I won 1st place at the Douglas undergraduate research expo with my poster presentation on “In-Vivo Parcellation of the Human Thalamus using Multimodal Microstructural Data” (poster).

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